DAY 1     

Arrival transfer to Beach Hotel

Dinner and overnight at a 3 star hotel




A half day trip around The Gambia’s Capital city and surrounding areas, to familiarize everyone with the main places to visit.

We start with a visit to the national museum in Banjul showing the history of The Gambia tracing African Cultural and European colonialism. We then take a short drive through Banjul to “see the sights,” stopping to visit the general market with much hustle and bustle and where anything from live chickens and vegetables to herbs and false hair can be bought. (As with any crowded place, care must be taken with handbags cameras, etc). We also stop by the main mosque.

Then to Serre-kunda the most densely populated town in The Gambia, taking us to a display of “Tie Dye” skills and the beautiful Batik cottons, after which we head for Bakau where the first stop will be a local bar where a refresher can be taken at a moderate price, if needed. This is only a short stop since we continue to the tourist market where a variety of souvenirs can be bought. We are soon away to Katchikally Crocodile Pool where we may be fortunate enough to see “Charlie” as featured in several British TV Programmes including “Wish You Were Here”.

We return to the hotels early afternoon.

Dinner & overnight at a 3 star hotel.




From OYSTER CREEK, we cruise along the sheltered meandering tributaries of the RIVER GAMBIA.

Once onboard you will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee with a tot of brandy if you wish, then enjoys a warm mid morning snack of garlic bread.  Continue between the lush green mangroves sandwiched waterways cruising through an area of unchanged life where villagers can be seen oyster fishing from their age-old dug-out canoes.  At the same time many exotic tropical birds can be seen all around. Be refreshed with a sparkling bucks fizz before a delicious buffet lunch which is preceded by the opportunity for a refreshing swim. After swimming fishing lines are also available for a “spot of excitement” before cruising back to Denton Bridge.


Overnight at 3 star hotel



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We drive straight to Makasutu, a palm forest situated on a beautiful meandering tributary of the Gambia River (MANDINA BOLONG) encompassing many different eco-systems including mangroves, savannah and dense forest.  We may see  vultures gathered together for their morning breakfast and a variety of African birds as well as some European birds like the Pied Wagtail spending time here as a resident tourist!

Our time will involve some exploration of the mangrove area in dug-out canoes and a nature walk through the forest where fabulous birds, monkeys & baboons can be seen.  Whilst it is not essential to be a naturalist to fully appreciate the day, the experience will be much more rewarding if you are a nature lover. After a Gambian Buffet Lunch you will be entertained by a display of Jola Cultural dancers.

On the way back to the hotel, our final drive will be along the streets of Kubuneh and Bafuloto for Wide Open Wall Street project showing paintings by some of the world’s finest artists.

Dinner & overnight at 3 star hotel


At leisure around the beach

Dinner & overnight at 3 star hotel


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Our mini “Taste of The Gambia” begins with a visit to the famous Monkey Park in Bijilowhere you will see lots of monkeys especially coming very close to your feet on the ground and even next to your arms on their tree tops.

Then we head off to Serrekunda ( which means ‘the home of the Sere family) market, the largest town packed with local shops,  merchants, craft sellers, street peddlers from all over West Africa and some Arab countries.

We then continue to the iconic Lamin Lodge, a wooden restaurant on stilts in the middle of mangrove swamps for a tea or coffee break while we enjoy the nature around us and the panoramic view of the area.  You may even see some monkeys.

The next market stop will be at Brikama craft market (the main craft centre in the country ) where we will find the usual items for sale such as Djembe drums, painted calabashes, chains and a dazzling variety of masks and other wood carvings from the local famous woodcarvers.

After all the colorful hustle and bustle, relax and enjoy lunch at the beach side Rainbow Restaurant and wait for The Gambian traditional wrestling to begin by 16.00hrs.  We recommend you take swim wear and towels should you like to go for a swim.

Gambian wrestling is and has always been characterized as ‘Greco-Roman’ wrestling. This art of wrestling is over2000 years old. The Sudanese, the Nubians, the Carthageans, the Romans and Greeks, all wrestled the Greco –Roman style which was made popular by the Roman Emperors.

On route back to your hotels we squeeze in a last interesting stop at Tanji fishing village in time for the arrival of the fishing boats with the daily catch. We will see the traditional method of smoking fish, building of pirogues and hundreds of local people on the beach waiting for the boats.

Dinner & overnight at 3 star hotel


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Our day of traditional and modern arts starts with a visit to the most renowned artist of the Gambia: Njogu. Upon arrival, we will be welcomed by him and the family with tea and coffee. He will then give a brief history on Gambian art before we wander in the open around Serekunda to get ideas for our sketch. This will give us a real inside of the involvement of the people in our traditional family daily lives within the towns and a good chance to prepare you to sketch an art work for the day.

We then get back to the art studio for painting with Njogu. This will allow each of us to have our own paintings. After 2 hours of art work, we then have a snack break and for those who wish to be involved in the preparation of brewing some afternoon ‘’ ATTAYA’’ (Chinese Green Tea,Gambia’s most popular drink, especially after lunch).

Finally, we start wrapping our paintings and have a question and answer session with Njogu before we say goodbye to Sakura Art Studio.

Dinner & overnight at 3 star hotel.


At leisure until departure


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