Nzulezu is a stilt village on Lake Tandane, about 45 minutes inland by canoe from the town of Beyin. Nzulezu means ‘surface of the water’ in Nzima, the local dialect. The inhabitants of Nzulezu migrated from Watala, a city of the ancient Ghanian Empire. It is alleged that they had been chased from their land by outsiders, and amid the peril were lead to this safe spot by a snail – which is now, for this reason, their sacred animal. The snail told the people which places were safe by either retreating in its shell, a sign of safety, or the opposite, which indicated danger. All this was in search for a place where no enemies could be able to reach them.

Supporting a population of roughly 500 people made up of mainly farmers, crafters and local wine makers. Nzulezu is one solid construction raised above the water consisting of a central wood and raffia walkway. Raffia palms are sacred to the people of Nzulezu, as they rely on these strong fronds to build their village, and its fruit to brew their sacred wine.

Attraction nearby: Fort Apollonia, Ankasa Forest Reserve,


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Amazing Trip

My name is Stephen Love. My sister Stephanie Love-Patterson and I just returned from touring Ghana (July 2nd-10th). We had a wonderful time. The history, food, people, culture, shopping is something that never one of us will ever forget. Stephanie and I are looking at returning to Ghana as soon as possible. I again want to thank the Sunseekers Tours Company for making our first trip “back home” enjoyable and worry free. The guides and driver assigned to us were extremely knowledgeable.



Stephen , USA — Ghana Tour- July 2008